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featured-boilersLouisville Mechanical offers professional boiler installation, maintenance and repair services throughout Louisville, Kentucky and the surrounding areas. We service all major types of boilers, including oil-fired hydroponic boilers, direct vent gas fireplace boilers and more.

Types of Hot Water Systems We Service:

* Oil-Fired Hydronic Boiler: The hydronic (forced hot water) system heats water in a gas or oil boiler and then circulates it through loops of pipe to distribute heat to separate heating zones. *The burner sprays atomized oil and air in to the combustion chamber.  The burner’s high-voltage electrodes ignite the mixture.  If the burner’s photoelectric cell fails to detect flame in a few seconds, the burner is shut down.

* Gas Warm-Air Furnace: Heat is produced by clean and efficient combustion of gas or oil, and the warm air is distributed evenly throughout the building by a blower, supply and return ducts, and registers.  AFUEs average 84 percent for high-efficiency furnaces and 93 percent for condensing furnaces.  Duct work can be shared with AC. *No hydronic distribution system, thermostat signals gas control and blower.  The blower draws air in through the return duct and furnace filter.

* Direct Vent Gas Fireplace: Air return and supply are directly into and out of the unit, eliminating ductwork completely.  Low installation and operation costs, but not a lot of output.  A thermostat sends a voltage to the gas control to light the fire.

* Air Source Heat Pump: By compressing and expanding gas, they can extract heat from a cooler source and deliver it to a warmer sink.  By reversing the pump, you can cool as well as heat. Most cost effective in warm regions where air temperature rarely dips below 45 degrees Fahrenheit.  Colder regions should consider more expensive water-source and ground-source heat pumps.

* Electric Resistance Baseboard Heater: Cool room air is drawn in at floor level, is heated by the fins, and rises out of the top.  The ‘fins’ are connected to the tubular heating element.  High operating cost and lack of our humidification are the cons of this.

* Air-Tight Wood Stove with and without Catalytic Converter: Besides the smoke pollution, this method is great at utilizing the natural convection of warmed air.  Air intake is opened fully to start a fire.  Some of these units offer a blower to help circulate the warm air.  Inexpensive fuel and radiating heat.  Prefer a unit with a catalytic converter, to retain most heat generated, because this enables the damper to be closed after the fire is established well.

All the above systems use either warm air distribution, natural convection, hydronic, or radiant distribution methods. Louisville Mechanical can assist you with the service, installation, replacement or repair of all hot water systems.

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